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One Man or Woman can Change the World

January 11, 2019 @ 12:08 am

Do you have conviction, passion and a willingness to act when you see a need. When you see injustices or inequities do you feel as if something should be done. Well, if not now then when?And if not you who. God has birth you into this world to make a difference. He has given you the tools and abilities to make a mark on this world and in our culture. We must not sit back and wait on someone else to act, God has called you. One man or woman can make a difference in this world like Moses did. God used Moses to deliver a nation and he changed the world. There are many who made a mark on this world like Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Ceasar Chevez, Erin Brokovich, Ghandi, or Rosa Park and many other unnamed people who had a passion, a conviction and willingness to do something rather than nothing.Take a listen and see if God has something for you in this audio. I want to hear from you. Please write me and like our Podbean site and comment on how the message touched your life.


Pastor Elijah Wells, Jr.


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