How to Overcome Life Shipwrecks

May 24, 2019 @ 4:15 pm

This message is enlightening on how to see the signs of eminent shipwreck if a person does not change course after receiving sign from God such as headwinds, a word from the Lord, etc.

Learning how to avoid life's shipwreck is learning how to hear the God's voice.

We must make it a point to sail in line with God's plan for our life.

This message will allow us to avoid the feeling of lost time because of trips that lead to nowhere.

Following God's voice helps to avoid loss in life.

Despite your current situation there is still hope.

Let's refocus and determine what's really important in life.

Just a few samples of this message.

Listen in and let the Lord bless you and help to avoid life's shipwrecks.


Pastor Elijah Wells

Until next time.....


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