Receiving More than you Expected at the Gate

June 5, 2019 @ 7:46 am

Have you been sitting at the gate expecting one thing and God has something totally different?

At the gate called beautiful God has blessings for you.

I talk about those who linger around the proximity of a blessing but never experience the blessing.

Don't just sit "by" the gate called beautiful but enter into the temple and be blessed.

Some people hang by the temple, by the church but miss their blessing.

You can be in the right place but have the wrong attitude.

You can be in the right place but with the wrong focus.

I talk about how some people develop a coping system of survival rather than living as God has intended.

God didn't call you to survive but to live!

These are just a few gems drawn from this message.

Listen up and let me know how you are blessed.


Pastor Elijah Wells

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