The Restoration of God

April 28, 2019 @ 9:45 pm

Wow what an encouraging word!!!

God has made many promises but what we have lost, he promised to restore to us after the locusts and cankerworms have eaten or destroyed our blessing. God says he will restore what the locust and the cankerworms have eaten and you will praise the name of the Lord. Then we take a close look at the compassion of God.

I cover the three types of pests.

The crawling locusts - the pest that looks intimidating but can’t harm us but are sent to creep us out. Or to preoccupied our attention thus robbing us of the constructive motion for moving forward into our blessings

The consuming locusts - the pest trying to destroy, hinder, block or eat up your blessings from the Lord

The chewing locusts - the pest that tries to knaw at you insistently trying to trouble you and interfere with the peace God is giving you

Let delve into this restoration message and see what God has for you.


Pastor Elijah Wells, Jr.




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